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    Supplier Social Accountability

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    Social Accountability Code of Conduct

    At MINGHUA Sourcing, we strive to be a model of corporate governance and ethical business practices. We are committed to conduct our actions with integrity in everything we do and hold ourselves accountable for doing business honestly, ethically, and legally. In turn, we expect the same commitment from our vendors. MINGHUA Sourcing has an obligation to its shareholders and customers to ensure that the actions of each and every employee are beyond reproach and suspicion. Therefore, MINGHUA Sourcing has adopted a Social Accountability Code of Conduct that governs each and every employee. These principles also establish the standards required for conducting business with MINGHUA Sourcing.

    Our goal is to work with our vendors to ensure full compliance with these principles, as they in turn will apply them to their own employees and vendors in the delivery of goods and services for MINGHUA Sourcing. We will consider these principles in our selection of vendors and will actively monitor their compliance. We require that you review these principles, complete the acknowledgement page and return back to MINGHUA Sourcing. You can also view our Social Accountability Code of Conduct statement by visiting our company website at http://www.minghuasourcing.com.

    Within these principles, it is MINGHUA Sourcing’s policy to conduct and encourage fair, honest and open

    communication. Abiding by these standards is the most effective way of ensuring that we uphold our high standards for honesty and professionalism with the highest levels of integrity. Any person with knowledge of any violations of the standards set forth within the Social Accountability Code of Conduct should report immediately using the following confidential options.

    Anonymous Ethics Hotline: 86 755 8528 0885   E-mail: andyliu@MingHuasourcing.com

    By Post: Office of Compliance                                                                                                                                                                   By Post: Office of Compliance  





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