• Values:

    What are the advantages of a true Sourcing Specialist?

    a. Easy and fast communication with suppliers. Local people know local culture, customs and ways of thinking.

    b. On time follow up, we work with suppliers in the same time zone. 

    c. Reduce cost of offshore product sourcing:

         > Minimize travel to China.

         > No office management expenses, lodging expenses or local travel costs.

    d. Your Sourcing Specialist monitors Supplier human resources and Quality Control.  This protects you from exposure to potential       poor labor practices or products made from off-spec materials.

    e. Sourcing Specialist provides ONE POINT OF CONTACT.  You communicate with us, we will handle all local communications.

    Our advantages:

    a.   Professional service

    b.   Professional  team

    c.   Built-in quality control system including inspection of all products prior to shipment.

    d.   Fast response

    e.   Low cost and quality guarantee

    f.   Good communication with documentation and language

    g.   Local custom & cultural background.

    h.   Onsite review at each stage such as development, tooling, preproduction, mass production…… 

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